Webinar: Organoid Virtual Symposium

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Join Bio-Techne’s First Organoid Virtual Symposium

Bio-Techne looks forward to welcoming you to this exciting virtual symposium to discuss the latest topics in organoid research. This event aims to keep everyone connected, communicating and collaborating in order to advance research and our knowledge of organoids which most importantly can benefit patients around the globe.

Why Organoids?

Organoid and 3-D cell culture are emerging as pivotal systems for understanding human organ development, modeling disease, screening for drug efficacy or toxicity, and investigating personalized medicine. The reagents and protocols needed to culture these advanced multi-cellular in vitro tissues vary by organ, species, and whether they are being generated from tissue or pluripotent stem cells.

Join us to find out direct from leading scientists how they are utilizing organoids within their research.

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Mr Jens Puschhof
Hans Clevers Lab, Hubrecht Institute, The Netherlands
Slithering stem cells - snake venom gland organoids

Dr Talya Dayton
Hans Clevers Lab, Hubrecht Institute, The Netherlands
Organoid models of neuroendocrine cell growth and tumorigenesis

Dr Robert Barrett
Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, United States of America
Intestine-Chip: A Model To Understand IBD By Combining Microengineering Technology And iPSC-Derived Human Intestinal Organoids