Multi-omic approaches can combine protein, DNA, and RNA analyses to illuminate diagnostic biomarkers and pathways and advance our understanding of complex diseases. These assays, however, require different technologies and platforms to resolve the distinct physico-chemistries of protein and DNA/RNA. In contrast, single-platform quantification of proteins and nucleic acid markers offer many potential benefits, including reduced sample requirements, decreased inter-assay variability, streamlined and less error-prone workflows, and integrated results reporting.

In this webinar, Dr. Gary Latham, Senior VP of R&D at Asuragen, will demonstrate how he utilized expanded capabilities of the Simple Western platform to characterize nucleic acids, and then integrate this capability with protein analysis to multiplex and quantify oncogenic tyrosine kinases, immune checkpoint proteins, RNA translocations, and other mRNA transcripts associated with targeted or immune-based therapies for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). This novel harmonized approach may replace complex, multi-method techniques for the analysis of multi-omic biomarkers with potential to accelerate different precision medicine applications.


 Gary Latham

Dr. Gary Latham
Senior Vice President of R&D