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eBook: Next-Generation Analytical Solutions for Cell & Gene Therapy

Cell & Gene Therapies (C&GT) are a promising, rapidly growing area of research, and ProteinSimple is here to help you get safe and effective treatments to the people who need them. ProteinSimple’s analytical platforms give you the automation and scalability needed for the development and manufacturing of C&GT products, and with low volume requirements, we help you preserve these precious samples. Platform methods can be seamlessly transferred across labs and project phases, from discovery to manufacturing, giving you consistent results from start to finish.

Automation: Automated sample handling and processing give you more consistent, high-quality data.

Scalability: Our platforms easily fit into your current workflows and adapt to your changing needs. No matter what throughput you need, results will be robust and reproducible whether you’re scaling up or scaling out.

Method Transferability: Seamlessly transfer analytical methods between labs and across phases from discovery to manufacturing with complete confidence in your method performance and regulatory compliance.

Low Sample Volumes: With minimum sample volumes as low as 3 μL, our platforms can get you the data you need using as little of your precious sample as possible.