Cell and gene therapy is a rapidly advancing field that holds a lot of promise for treating a wide range of diseases. Due to the complexity of these therapies, accurate and precise analytical characterization is critical to successful drug development and release.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how our Maurice system can be used to characterize purity, stability, and charge heterogeneity of adeno-associated viruses (AAVs), a key delivery vector for gene and cell therapies. We’ll also demonstrate how our MFI 5200 particle imaging system enables the detection and quantitation of residual beads in CAR T cell preparations, a necessary step in assuring quality and safety of the CAR T product.


Chris Heger photo 2020.JPG

Chris Heger, Ph.D.
Senior Manager, Applications Science
Analytical Solutions Division
ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne company

Chris Heger, Senior Manager of Applications Science for the Analytical Solutions Division of Bio-Techne, leads a team chartered with creating scientific collateral, fostering collaborations, training, and coming up with new applications. Chris has expertise in immunoassays, capillary electrophoresis, antibody design and production, and chromatography. In recent years, his team has focused on developing analytical solutions for cell and gene therapy researchers. Chris received his doctoral degree in Pharmacology from Cornell University and completed his post-doctoral training at the National Cancer Institute. Upon completion of his post-doctoral training, Chris began working for ProteinSimple (now part of Bio-Techne).